The Feisty Baker decorates cookies Pt. 2

This is the frosting/decorating edition of my previous entry.

Unfortunately, because I am the scatterbrained, forgetful snicklefritz that I am, I of course documented every single step of the baking process, and none of the decorating process.

Fail #1. Just shameful.

The reason I am writing this is to show the recipe I used, and an alternative Royal icing one that is completely different. And to explain when to use each, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

As I said before, I originally planned to decorate with my BFF, using royal icing and piping the icing on the cookies, then “flooding” them to make a smooth, even, sophisticated-looking cookie. To do this you definitely need piping bags, a squeeze bottle or two, and meringue powder. The meringue powder is key to making the icing fluffy.

Being that I didn’t know a thing about decorating with royal icing, I researched a place with a good explanation of the steps, equipment and recipe for icing.

And now to your left, you will see absolutely nothing because I never actually went this route. By the time I got around to decorating, I really just wanted slap on some colored buttercream and bedazzle it with sprinkles.

What I did do, was make up a simple batch of buttercream and divided it into bowls, and using Wilton frosting coloring, colored each bowl a different color for the cookies. However, I didn’t save any plain, uncolored frosting to use for white………

FAIL #2.

So my mom and I had fun decorating and in the end the cookies looked exactly like Christmas cookies, after maybe 1 or 2 hits of acid- purple Christmas tree, red snowman, star colored in USA colors (red and white sprinkles).

Needless to say…..

…good times were had and fond memories were made.

***EDIT: As a last resort I was going to document the leftover cookies that we set up to let  my little cousins decorate, however before I could snap a picture, this creature:

snuck in somehow and licked the frosting off of almost every cookie.

FAIL #3.



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