The Feisty Baker bakes cookies Pt. 1

Warning: not a cupcake post. Please don’t let that deter you, however.

Among other similarities that have drawn us together, my best friend and I share a common love for baking and are both avid bakers. She is more of a diverse baker than I am, and makes many different kinds of things, while I have chosen to hone my skills solely making cupcakes. Most people give store-bought birthday presents, we exchange sweets. I crank out my best recipes, in exchange for her amazing oreo balls or insane pumpkin roll (seriously, it’s to die for).

This year, I decided to embark on a cookie making and decorating journey, and enlisted her to help me. Unfortunately, because vet school is ridiculous (8 tests in the last 2 weeks), we didn’t make it to the decorating part…. but we had a pretty rad holiday pancake dinner at IHOP to make up for it. I also ended up with THE best cookie recipe EVER. 

Another SprinkleBakes find, I think she actually took it from another website as well. Either way, if you’re looking for a cookie that stands up to decorating, this recipe will deliver! Furthermore, I have made homemade cookies maaaaaybe twice in my life, so my experience in that department was limited.

The trick that made me realize why my previous cookie attempts ended up too thin and overcooked, was to roll out the dough to 1/4-1/2 inch thick.

Ordinarily I would pound it out to a nothing and bake, but this thickness yields sturdy cookies that can be subjected to a lot of things without breaking (transportation, movement, 2 and 4 year olds decorating them). If you’re curious, I used the Wilton 9-piece cookie cutter set.

The baking part was trial and error. The first batch I made were the most done, mostly because I was working off of previous experience and rolled the dough too thin… so even a 7-8 minute cooking time rendered crispy edges:

The subsequent batches were much prettier. Not to mention delicious.

In all I estimate that all the dough made about 40 cookies. Since this post is exceptionally long, I will divide up the frosting part into another post. That way you’ll have to keep reading my other blog posts to find it 😉


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